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I write copy, but the difference is it connects with your users



Just like a pentagon I have many sides. Each is essential to make such a unique shape; one that we give a name and all agree to call it so.

My parents agreed on Kaya. Depending on where you come from it means different things: ‘rock’ in Turkish, ‘rich’ in Malaysian and Indonesian, ‘weed’ in Jamaican, it refers to the body in Buddhism, and also a delicious coconut jam in Singapore. Traveling and living abroad has been my jam since graduating high school. I've visited over 25 countries, lived in 3 (non-English), and speak 2 languages fluently. Oui, on peut parler en Français!

I invite you to check out some of my other writing (I was an aspiring blogger before I became a freelance travel writer) linked below, and on my blog which you can find in the navigation bar. I also spent like 10 friggin' hours designing my CV in Photoshop, so you can also find that below. 

Here's to new connections. I hope you enjoy my words. 👋

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Home is Canada 

Currently based in Taiwan 

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