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  • Kaya Lemaire

Introducing: Female-Led Businesses & Projects in Taiwan

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I recently attended a networking event highlighting the journey of female entrepreneurs. I was shocked to learn that only 2.8% of venture funding goes to female-led startups. And only 7.4% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are female.

This isn't even delving into the added layer that POC, LGBTQ+, and women with disabilities experience. Some mindset shifting needs to happen.

So, what better way to celebrate International Women's Day than by lifting up female-led businesses. This is a catalogue of services & products in our favorite country, featuring many unique projects.

This post was inspired by the hope that one day we'll have an equal playing ground, so that diverse work business practices foster a more well-rounded society. Use this post to find a project you're interested in & could potentially help develop.

Or, next time you need something that they're offering, choose one of these fine women in business to help you be the best version of yourself.

Find what you need with these categories:

  1. Yoga & Mental Health

  2. Coaching

  3. Movement & Entertainment

  4. Physical Health

  5. Get Outdoors

  6. To Eat and Drink

  7. Skincare

  8. Hair

  9. Accessories

  10. Urban / Garden

  11. Creatives

  12. Community

  13. Family

  14. Media & Marketing

  15. Professional Services

  16. Advocacy

  17. Education

  18. FAQ


Yoga & Mental Health

Yoga ar

FB: Yoga ar

IG: yogaar13

"I'm a yoga and dance teacher, I teach online to make yoga more accessible to all. I also teach pole dance classes. I want to create a safe place to empower women, so they can feel good while being active and accept their body." Maria wants to make yoga and dance accessible to the moms and non-mandarin speakers in Taipei / Taiwan.

She offers: Yoga online & dance class.

She dreams: To create a podcast that shares women's stories here in Taiwan.

She needs: To organize it!

Co Yoga

FB: Co Yoga

IG: copuffs


Coco Huang is an artist and yoga & meditation teacher currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2016, she began practicing yoga and after two years of consistent practice, she felt a calling to dive deeper into yoga's roots. Coco followed her passion to Goa in India to complete her yoga teacher training. You can find her group classes each month on her Facebook page. Her intention is to share her knowledge of yoga, meditation and art to empower her students with confidence, insight and inner strength.

She offers: Yoga & wine workshops, Yoga classes at 4 different studios, Guided meditation, Aromatherapy, Mandala creation.

She dreams: To create a website (coming soon) and offer the public her services.

She needs: To continue planning ahead and make her vision a reality.

La Luna Jasmine


FB: Moon Circles

IG: Moon Circles

"I am a facilitator and a writer with a soft spot for the celestial. My aim is to invoke embodiment through nurturing presence, gentle movement, and thoughtful words. When I’m not teaching yin or flow-y yoga, or hosting women’s circles, you can find me typing away at cafes around Taipei. After years on this yoga and healing journey, especially since moving back to Taipei, I have felt a deep calling to share here, from cyclical wisdom (astrology, cycles of the moon, and menstrual cycles) to nourishing practices and holding safe spaces."

She offers: Yoga / meditation classes, One-on-one work for yoga / healing, Freelance writing.

She dreams: Facilitate and DJ ecstatic dance/embodied movement sessions here in Taipei.

Start working with young women struggling with mental health or self-love. Open a holistic healing center, a beautiful space to weave together a network of bodyworkers, energy healers, teachers, and more.

She needs: Elbow grease and divine timing!

Yoga with Izabella


FB: Yoga with Izabella

IG: Izabella

"Everything started when I was a little girl. My mom after giving birth to me, embarked on a journey to develop her spiritual side that eventually led her to becoming an energy healer and holistic health practitioner. Somewhere along the way, that new calling of hers planted a seed within me that is sprouting and growing relentlessly till today. As a certified RYT 200 yoga teacher, I teach vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yoga nidra, mediation, breathwork and much more. I am sharing my passion through social media and host classes in Taipei and all around Taiwan, both indoors and outdoors."

She offers: Practices, knowledge, and life-hacks for better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Sharing what she's learned in the areas of yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbology, plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, and traditional Slavic practices.

She dreams: Create a community with a safe space for self-improvement and self-development, both online and offline.

She needs: More time to develop her ideas and build her business.

Yoga with Sarah

FB: Yoga with Sarah

"I began teaching and hosting events because I love crafting beautiful experiences for people. For the yoga and meditation classes, I just want people to give it a try in a casual atmosphere where they won't feel intimidated. For events like Yin Circles and Thinks and Drinks, I hope people can connect with others on a deeper level and be more comfortable with intimacy and vulnerability. I mostly teach yoga and meditation in unique spaces - on the beach, at music festivals, in attics, on rooftops and art galleries, and everything in between! Non-standard settings create an opportunity for creative teaching and interaction with students, which often leads to unexpected and special experiences."

She offers: Yoga and meditation, Yin Circles, Thinks and Drinks, and anything that facilitates an alternate, safe space for being yourself.

She dreams: To continue growing as a facilitator so that the events allow people to access their own knowledge, creative thinking, and inherent wisdom.

She needs: To push past feelings of fear and awkwardness in vulnerable settings - by helping others do this, people can find the joy in the silly moments and free themselves.



Marie Contentin Coaching


FB: Marie Contentin Coaching

IG: marie__contentin

"I started this project because I've always been interested in health in a holistic way. My best friend pushed me in this direction because many times after meeting with her, she would say "Please Marie, can I pay you? Everytime we talk, I feel so much better and clearer. You need to make it your job," So I followed her advice! I went through a deep transformation, from someone very anxious, overthinking, hating myself, with eating disorders, always in toxic relationships, oversensitive, unable to deal with myself and others, to someone way calmer, more compassionate, more loving, more aware, more at peace. So I thought that I would really love to help others to do the same. I believe that everybody deserves to feel at peace, and if we want to change the world in a positive way, it starts within ourselves. I've been a life coach for more than a year now, and I would describe my job as being by someone's side, accompanying and guiding people toward a better understanding of themselves, a development of inner qualities and radical honesty/acceptance in order for them to fill their life with more balance, alignment, peace, harmony, clarity, love, purpose and health."

She offers: 1-1 coaching in person or through video call, Women's circles/group coaching about specific topics.

She dreams: To accompany and help as many people as possible, as much and as long as she possibly can.

She needs: To work against this world of instant gratification and help people develop patience and take time to do the real work of facing oneself.

Alexis Haselberger


"I started this business because I knew it was possible to be amazing in your professional world, without sacrificing your personal life, family or health. I wanted to show others how. I'm a time management coach who helps people with big jobs, big lives, or both to do more and stress less. Through coaching, workshops and online courses, I teach people how to use their time intentionally, in service of their goals and values, so that they can do more of what they want and less of what they don't." Alexis helps people who want to do more and stress less.

She offers: Coaching for individuals & groups, Corporate training & workshops for companies (increase productivity and decrease burnout), Online courses.

She dreams: To scale her online courses so she can reach more people around the world.

She needs: Exposure. But this barrier is being eroded even as we speak!

Petrina Lin




Clubhouse: Petrina Lin

"I am a business mindset coach and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner. I coach spiritual female entrepreneurs and content creators 1 on 1 through my program the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Academy 2.0. I started this business because I believe it’s my calling - I overcame my own fears, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome that was really holding me back and keeping me stuck in my comfort zone. I love teaching and helping others master their mindset when it comes to growing a business. Our minds are our biggest asset. The thoughts we believe are what determines our results & creates our reality so it's essential to reprogram our brains and change our narratives to attain the success, impact, and income we truly desire.

She offers: 1 on 1 coaching, Online courses & workshops, Helping female entrepreneurs master their mindset & make their business thrive.

She dreams: To help build schools & sustainable solutions for people around the world and those in need.

She needs: More resources and time!

Attorney on a Journey: Blogger & Life Coach

IG: attorney_on_a_journey


Francesca is an ex-lawyer turned travel blogger / life coach that empowers lawyers and HUMAN BEINGS to live a true, meaningful life and career. “I went to law school with a mission to continue helping others. Unfortunately, the stress and physical sacrifices I endured during law school took a toll on my mind & body, and I wasn’t even able to help myself. That’s when I began a long journey in search of balance and purpose. After career blunders, even more toxic work environments, and accepting job offers for the wrong reasons, I found my way and my true calling. I currently live in my motherland, Taiwan, where I live a life I love. I truly believe that EVERYONE deserves to walk away from things that no longer serve them and live their truth.”

She offers: Private coaching sessions & group courses that help clients gain clarity about what they want from life, using goal-based methods she walks your journey with you.

She dreams: To help as many people as possible find balance and happiness.

She needs: To bust through social expectations / norms that teach us: There isn't room for everyone & that a career, money, and status are more important than one's health or happiness.


Movement & Entertainment

TIMM (Taipei Improv Music Movement)


Artist page: hsna arts

FB: TIMM (Taipei Improv Music Movement)

"I started TIMM (Taipei Improv Music Movement) group, shortly after I fell in love with a house built by settlers in Treasure Hill Artist Village, this led to the project Alie||\|ation an improvisation performance by community dancers/musicians around the topic of refugee-hood, the different forms it takes and the feeling of alienation that may come from it. I was missing a space where I could continue on some of the practice I had prior to moving to Taipei. While there is a regular contact improvisation group, I am not aware of any group that welcomes both community musicians and dancers."

She offers: A space where people can dance, share their practice, create, be in their bodies, express themselves and a chance to perform to an audience at the end.

She dreams: Of community-led performance initiatives in Taipei supported by the city government with easy access to small funds including for foreign residents.

She needs: An affordable place to rehearse and perform on a regular basis to continuously nurture the group and keep the practice alive.

Lily Soreau


LINE: 0602lily

IG: lilysoreau

"I dance with my whole body but also my soul. To share this with people is my passion. This love for dance was given to me by my sweet Taiwanese mother, who is a dancer and a choreographer. I think I've been dancing since I was in her belly. But in reality I first stepped on a dance floor when I was five. I started learning 6 years of ballet, then 10 years of Chinese/modern dance in my mother's dance association. I then went to Canada for three months to learn ballroom/latin dances and I am also able to dance modern Jazz and Stiletto Heels dances. I’ve always been relatively sporty and now I am also doing and teaching some fitness classes like Hiit/Cardio, Kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga."

She offers: Modern Jazz / Latin / Heels classes, Fitness classes. She adapts to each individual's level.

She dreams: To help people achieve physical and mental wellbeing and balance, a healthy body, happiness, freedom and stress relief, to find confidence in their own bodies.

She needs: To find a studio & more students to continue providing classes.

Doriane Greens

FB: The Mind of Doriane Greens

IG: dorianegreens

YouTube: Doriane Greens

"I am a Dancer and I am originally from Southern France. I have been learning dance, performing, teaching dance, organizing dance events for many years. Dance is my main creative movement and I created "The Mind Of Doriane Greens" as a space where I can share what I create with people.

I currently teach Dancehall in Taipei, which is a dance from Jamaica. I have been teaching workshops and will open regular classes in March 2021. I have been certified as a Stylish Moves© Tutor by Latonya Style, one of the pillars of Dancehall in Jamaica and worldwide. I hope that my dance classes, workshops and events can bring knowledge, happiness and inspiration to the participants."

She offers: Dance Classes, Dance videos that are shared on her YouTube channel.

She dreams: To encourage people to express themselves, stimulate their imagination, seek knowledge and free their mind.

She needs: People who want to have an experience in dance and learn more about Jamaican culture and themselves.

Daniela Mordhorst


FB: Daniela Mordhorst TW


"My vision and hope is that through dance I can promote sharing, exchanging culture, art, creating, collaborating and building community. I believe society can be transformed if people are inspired, find joy, unity, hope and try to help each other - especially during these strange times that humanity is experiencing. I want to offer what I can through dance by sharing my culture & experience in this beautiful country. My goal is to teach dance workshops, meaningful collaboration, performing, doing cultural exchanges, learning and helping artists to connect with each other."

She offers: Workshops, Dance lessons (private and groups), Collaboration and networking among artists.

She dreams: That she can share her culture with others in Taiwan through the medium of dance.

She needs: To manage the visas and permits so she can share her passion with others.


FB: Phoebe

"Music played a huge role in my teenage years. Since then I've seen how music reflects the atmosphere of society and even presents the spirit of a generation. I was deeply touched by this realization, so I started my career in the music industry when I graduated from university. Event planning based on music and arts has always been my passion. I love to see a new idea sprout, everyone collaborating and then making something beautiful come together. Sometimes the inaccessibility of contemporary art gives people an impression that "arts has a distance". However, you can always find a comfortable way to appreciate the arts and observe how they can affect society & vice versa."

She offers: Music and art displays that present different points of view, with a diverse mix of international and local understanding.

She dreams: To change current inequality by opening up equal conversations between generations, parties, and communities.

She needs: To bridge the gap between consumers and contemporary art so that they feel excited to see her shows and buy tickets to experience her work - artists need us to support them so they can continue their work.


Physical Health

Wing Chun Self Defense


FB: Wing Chun Self Defense

"I began teaching kung fu at the request of some of my fellow students after our teacher had moved back to his native country. This was also the time when a few of my female friends asked me to teach a self defense course for women, which then lead me to discover the empowerment self-defense model. Wing Chun Self Defense is a combination of the two and while the project was initially developed in order to meet a demand, it quickly became apparent to me that this was also my passion and a duty that must be fulfilled."

She offers: Group classes and private classes to adults and teens, as well as women and kids' empowerment self defense courses.

She dreams: To reach as many girls and women around the world as possible with empowerment self defense and to keep the pure art of Wing Chun alive, as it was passed to her by her teacher.

She needs: The pandemic to end - the "next step" involved traveling to the US and now that's on hold.

Find a Doctor


Find a Doctor is a website and app that helps you find healthcare in Taiwan. Google Maps is user generated so the information in it is not always accurate, and the pictures and descriptions do not reflect the essence of their business. It also doesn't allow people to quickly browse and compare multiple places they want to go to because it's not a comparison tool. So this website / app allows people to browse and filter what they want (eg: Dentist in Taipei City), and they can quickly scroll through a list, click through options, tap on them and get more details, or just wander around and explore with the map function. "I basically built the websites I needed when I first moved here and still need from time to time!"

She offers: A website / app that showcases your doctor's or healthcare office in Taiwan. This is for searchers and business owners who want to showcase their services.

She dreams: To grow her business and gain more visibility.

She needs: To deal with the ins-and-outs of bureaucracy in Taiwan!


Outdoor Activities

Qx Adventures



Kelly and her husband are Singaporean rock climbing guides. They cater their trips according to the participant‘s climbing experience and objective(s) and help them accomplish their goals. “We've been pursuing a life of climbing! I started climbing at 17 in a rock climbing club in junior college (high school) in Singapore. The first two years in the sport involved a lot of training and competitions. Before graduation I went on my first outdoor climbing trip to Batu Cave in Malaysia. For the first time ever, I was climbing rocks! Climbing has never been the same for me from then on and I continued climbing in my college days and adulthood. In 2018, I started the Women’s Outdoor Climbing Clinic. It's the first and only all-women outdoor climbing program run by a woman in Taiwan. This is to encourage women’s participation in the outdoors and to provide a platform for women to meet and support one another. "

She offers: Private, customized rock climbing trips & classes in Taiwan and overseas, Women's outdoor clinic.

She dreams: To cultivate the love and appreciation for the outdoors through climbing, and to empower and support women through climbing.

She needs: The pandemic to end so they can start running more trips!



FB: Konmingo App

LinkedIn: Konmingo

Konmigo is the first platform to connect nature sports enthusiasts based on fitness level and outdoor experience. This service aims to get more people into nature sports by providing a way to easily meet based on interests. Beginners can find instructors, guides, mentors, and other people to practice with. It can be difficult to find people on similar levels to practice regularly with. "As I began to become more interested in different sports, I also started joining multiple groups on Facebook, Line, and Meetup. Turns out, it's actually difficult to plan events or find people even in those groups. Sometimes the groups are too active in that posts either go unnoticed or they are not active enough, so no one joins in on events - having a single app to consolidate multiple nature sports can make getting outdoors easier."

She offers: An app that connects outdoor enthusiasts of a similar fitness level, to increase safety and maximize fun times!

She dreams: To create more connected communities and organize something to help protect the environment.

She needs: A technical co-founder who would be interested in joining this project with her.


Eat and Drink

Shika's Treats


FB: Shika's Treats

Alshika is a Vincentian who is the owner and manager of Shika’s Treats. Shika’s Treats, is a business located in Zhubei, Hsinchu. “In the beginning most of the people who ordered were from my country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other Caribbean countries. As word spread I started receiving orders from other foreigners. Most of them missed the texture and taste of certain western-style desserts.” The products created at Shika’s Treats are not only loved and enjoyed by foreigners but also by Taiwanese. In catering to the needs of customers, she doesn’t limit herself. She makes products that may be native to your country and she designs products based on a customer’s specifications. She also caters to people with various eating practices (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, etc).

She offers: Mostly desserts, but has extended to include savory dishes and small-event catering. Inclusive cooking means she can cater to many sensitivities.

She dreams: To one day have a cozy shop that people will feel excited to visit.

She needs: To be prepared for global uncertainty & finances when opening her shop.

Vegan Yumz


FB: Vegan Yumz

IG: Veganyumz_official

"I owned and managed Taiwan's first contemporary raw, vegan restaurant and after all those years of grueling, hard work, I found myself wanting to simplify my overheads and manage my time and energy better whilst still working on my passion. Vegan food is no longer "just a trend". It is essential, relevant and permanent." Vegan Yumz is a healthy raw, vegan snack brand and online retailer based in Taipei, Taiwan. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best, healthiest, hand-crafted, plant-based snacks. We produce and sell fermented treenut cheeses, raw chipotle brownies, sugar-free oat-cacao bars, raw almond bread and chocolate cake. We believe that the snacks we make support our customers’ positive lifestyle choices and improved health. Our snacks are part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. When you buy Vegan Yumz, you make the best choice for you and the planet.

She offers: Healthy, vegan snacks conveniently delivered to your home or office.

She dreams: To become a household brand that is loved by everyone in Taiwan.

She needs: To solve the puzzle of creative marketing that appeals to both Mandarin & English minds so that Vegan Yumz can reach a wide audience.




FB: lunaspreads


"When I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with (PCOS) Polycystic ovary syndrome. I felt overwhelmed by all the information that I read. I consulted with several physicians’ opinions and most of them recommended birth control pills, and said that conceiving a child would be hard for me. Healthy food changed my life in a positive way: I was able to give birth to a beautiful girl (Luna) without depending on a pill to have a regular life." Lunaspreads from Lunas Corporation is a family business proudly owned by 4 Hondurans. Food is medicine - we can tackle our deficiencies with healing & natural ingredients free of preservatives.

She offers: Homemade, vegan, chemical-free spreads such as nut spreads, hummus, salsa, nut milks, granola and occasionally desserts and coffee from our farms in Honduras.

She dreams: To become a recognized and respected brand, Launch vegan products, Create a supportive community, Launch Lunaspreads in other countries.

She needs: To overcome the language & culture barriers so that a larger market can benefit from this healthy & tasty food!

Scary Tea

IG: scaryteatp

"I make my kombucha, Scary Tea 恐怖茶, at Mania Cafe 買你 (No. 207號, Section 2, Xinhai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106) near Technology Building Station. It started off as a hobby that I would do in my free time at home and then I became more interested in making it into a little business. Since kombucha isn't too popular here yet, I want more people to know and try it! I started it because I really love drinking kombucha, and it's not super accessible in Taiwan yet. Also I have IBS, and kombucha is really great for any intestinal/stomach issues."

She offers: Handcrafted kombucha for folks in Taiwan.

She dreams: To start selling at more than one location, and (in the future) create a space hat primarily sells kombucha.

She needs: Money and time! But she's enjoying the process - it makes her happy to help more people discover kombucha.

Ooh Cha Cha



"I'm mission-driven founder currently in the Food and Beverage space. I founded my restaurant, Ooh Cha Cha, in 2013 here in Taipei as part of a larger movement to educate and empower people with food. At the heart of what I enjoy doing is building community and connecting people. After graduating from university, I realized the career path I was on was unfulfilling. My hope is to use entrepreneurship as a means to create sustainable and meaningful social impact. The problems we face today can seem overwhelming, but there are always ways for individuals to make positive contributions. It may not seem like a lot when you make small decisions like declining a take-out box or eating one vegan meal, but you plus one million people create tangible impact."

She offers: Delicious vegan fare, Catering, Events at her restaurant.

She dreams: To continue to have the flexibility and opportunity to work on projects she's passionate about.

She needs: To keep living her dream!

Canopy Juicery



IG: canopyjuicery

Located in Yilan, Canopy Juicery offers healthy veggie burgers, juice, or even a bottle of kombucha to go. Everything is plant-based and made with love. "I am the co-founder of Canopy Juicery. Our brand was establish in 2015 with my older sister, Victoria, who was an occupational therapist in Singapore. Canopy supports a casual and healthy lifestyle through plant-based food. We opened a shop in our hometown to share our idea of a balanced lifestyle. We show people how plant-based food can be beneficial to their bodies and to the earth. Using our creativity and knowledge, we create tasty natural food and drinks."

They offer: Tasty plant-based food & drinks, Fresh juices.

They dream: Of collaborating with other entrepreneurs to create a better environment and community. And to build a strong connection with the world and people, so that when you think of yummy food, you think of Canopy.

They need: To prioritize their to-do list and organize their time well to get everything done.

Empress Hot Sauce


"I’m a cofounder of Empress Hot Sauce - a gourmet western-style spicy sauce celebrating delicious flavors and Taiwanese ingredients! My partner and I started Empress because we believe that every meal can be exciting without doing harm to our bodies. We’re passionate about using all natural, and creative ingredients to make flavor-first hot sauces. We want to provide the opportunity to have fun and delicious experiences for folks in Taiwan using our sauce to bring excitement to every bite!"

She offers: Delicious hot sauce with natural ingredients in a variety of flavors.

She dreams: To spread awareness of Taiwan’s exciting ingredients globally with their creative sauce flavors.

She needs: To establish distribution and reinforce our supply chains to ensure they can expand globally.

Food Hunter


Food hunter is a website and app that helps you find your favorite restaurants in Taiwan. Google Maps is user generated so the information in it is not always accurate, and the pictures and descriptions do not reflect the essence of their business. It also doesn't allow people to quickly browse and compare multiple places they want to go to because it's not a comparison tool. So this website / app allows people to browse and filter what they want (eg: Japanese Restaurant in New Taipei City), and they can quickly scroll through a list, click through options, tap on them and get more details, or just wander around and explore with the map function. "I basically built the websites I needed when I first moved here and still need from time to time!"

She offers: A website / app that showcases your food & beverage business in Taiwan. Suitable for searchers and business owners who want to showcase their services.

She dreams: To grow her business and gain more visibility.

She needs: To deal with the ins-and-outs of bureaucracy in Taiwan!




Phone: 0956 720 518


Mandy started a company called gabi+skin which produces skincare products all made in Taiwan that feature natural ingredients, real essential oils, and coffee seed extract. 'gabi' means coffee in Taiwanese. “I have sensitive skim and I read that coffee scrub is a great way to exfoliate and cleanse without irritation. I couldn't find any coffee scrub in Taiwan, so I made my own from ingredients I found at Costco. I had a lot of scrub, so I gave it away to friends and family. They loved it, and asked for more. Eventually I decided to start selling it after some encouragement and market testing. We brush our teeth every day and do not even think about it, but care for our skin, the largest organ in the body, does not have the same kind of thinking, it made me think 'why not?'”

She offers: Natural skincare products made in Taiwan.

She dreams: To help other women, especially with sensitive skin, understand themselves and choose skincare products that make sense for them.

She needs: Help with “doing it all” - distribution, media/PR, and influencers to work with would help increase sales, Partners that would be interested in collaborating should reach out.




IG: ifc_joy

LINE: caz0405n

"I’m Joy, a hairstylist in Taipei City. I’ve been a hairstylist since I graduated from university 12 years ago. This job is full of rewarding moments: we make people feel pretty and have more confidence themselves. Every time I see that someone is happy after I complete my work, I know that I was born to do this. A foreigner came into the salon a few years ago, I cut her hair and chatted. She was so happy to know that there’s a hairstylist who can understand English so she told her friends and I’m so lucky to have met them. I feel really thankful to know these sweet foreign customers and have the opportunity to serve them and practice my English."

She offers: Everything: cuts, perms, dye, highlights, scalp treatments, and more!

She dreams: That her salon will be known among the foreigner community in Taipei.

She needs: Word-of-mouth recommendations by foreigners in Taipei.


Website: Ellis Hair

FB: Ellis Hair

"My name is Ellis. I have worked as a hair stylist and colorist for 18 years. I specialize in modernizing classic looks to make hair more manageable for women on the go. I am also knowledgeable and experienced in creating hair styles with unique low maintenance Balayage, Keratin Treatment, and more which ensure that the cut/style lasts and grows beautifully."

She offers: Everything: cuts, perms, dye, highlights, scalp treatments, and more!

She dreams: To provide more foreigners with high quality hair treatments.

She needs: Word-of-mouth referrals.



Sister Boats


FB: Sister Boats

IG: sisterboats_

Emily offers handmade jewelry featuring unique designs crafted with genuine gemstones, sterling silver and natural leather. This was a hobby that turned into a business when she realized she could do it from anywhere and discovered the joys of selling at markets and festivals. “I want to provide people with pretty shiny things that accentuate their style and bring the good vibes!”

She offers: Beautiful handmade jewelry in Taipei

She dreams: To settle down and open a little shop and then continue traveling the world in search of treasures to sell in it.

She needs: To settle down - since she hasn’t just yet.


Urban / Garden

Concrete Garden


FB: Concrete Garden Generation

IG: _concretegarden_

"This project started organically after I had finished creating my own rooftop garden. I was eager to learn more about gardening, so I could help some of my friends with their gardens by sharing my plants and tips." Concrete Garden is a young social enterprise dedicated to connecting city folks with nature. We propose gardening services specifically adapted to urban environments and for every step in a garden process. We try to keep our fee as low as possible so that it remains affordable for everybody. We also promote garden-based learning by offering a lower price for services if the garden owner helps us.

She offers: Gardening services, Workshops with different themes (English / Mandarin).

She dreams: To integrate gardening into the school system & increase city biodiversity.

She needs: To raise awareness about these types of gardening services.

Triangle Design House


Website: Triangle Design House

"I admire what a modernist master said: Less is more. So in design, I hope to simplify in a practical way, and finalize the design according to the user's needs. I set up a design company in the alleys and over the past ten years, I have explored many different experiences and ideas. Just like wine making, design also takes time to settle and ferment to have its unique flavour. Design is the result of a series of plans and tailor-made ideas. Not only when buying a house, rather many places are related to design. I hope to provide some information from a designer's point of view to those who are interested or in need, so that everyone can get closer to their dream life."

She offers: International-level aesthetic design in: residential design, office design, commercial space design, and more.

She dreams: To create a workplace where talented women can continue to display their skills in a positive environment & without barriers to women who have families.

She needs: More people who have the same ideas to work with, in an efficient & flexible way.



Slyvie J Prints

Etsy Shop: Sylvie J Prints

IG: sylviajanicki


"I started screen printing about a year ago, soon after I moved back to Taiwan from Seattle to spend time with my mom, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It started as a hobby - the repetitive and mindless acts of hand printing on silk screen was a therapeutic getaway from the stresses we were facing at home. Then it became a way for me to reacquaint myself with this city I call home, after 15 years of living abroad. Now it has become a motivation for me to explore new parts of the city, as well as a way to remember my mom, and the many memories we shared all over Taipei. I'm sharing some of my most treasured memories - like going to the Jianguo flower market with my mom, hiking up to Zhinan Temple with my dog, and climbing up Elephant Mountain to get a view of Taipei 101 on my first date with my boyfriend. But regardless of my own narrative, I think these places are meaningful in their own ways to many people in taiwan - and to them I hope my art can trigger some positive emotions and heart-felt memories."

She offers: Handmade silk screen prints on her Etsy shop and at various markets.

She dreams: To make a calendar with all of her prints by the end of the year, and then expand her collection to explore other cities around the world.

She needs: To keep it up! No barriers, no excuses :)

East x West Designs

FB: eastxwestdesigns

IG: eastxwestdesigns


"I am based in Taipei and started East x West Designs as a new stay-at-home mom. I was first inspired in 2017 to create Christmas ornaments for fellow expats in Taipei - when much to my frustration - I discovered nothing could be purchased to bring keepsake Christmas cheer to my new home. I taught myself how to embroider that year and started designing and hand making ornaments. I design and sell "unique Taiwan keepsakes" specializing in Christmas tree ornaments, DIY embroidery kits and classes, as well as other household items (beverage holders, canvas bags, aprons) - all of which have embroidery elements included."

She offers: Fun & educational hand embroidery classes (English), Custom embroidery pieces upon request .

She dreams: To become well-known and sell her work all over Taiwan & become more tech-savvy and support her family with a thriving business.

She needs: To improve her Mandarin skills and get some help with translation, so that she can access the local market & teach classes in Mandarin.

Zoe Larimar

IG: zoelarimar

Podcast: A Somewhat Mystical Podcast

"I started as a creative outlet and hub for my work. I have been doing a mixture of new things in a short period of time that needed to be tied together; watercolor art, tarot, candle making, writing, podcasting, and creating video content. Since December 2020, I have found my identity as a creative in Taiwan. Under the name Zoe Larimar (real surname, Lorimer) I've started a sort of portable magic shop sharing my original artwork, candles, crystals, and tarot readings around Taipei."

She offers: Tarot readings for individuals & events around Taiwan, Healing art workshops, Hosting events around mystical topics such as astrology, crystal work, modern magic, and more.

She dreams: To have a physical studio space in Taiwan (possibly Hualien) to share services & products: artwork, tarot readings, and events.

She needs: To advertise herself & her services online - she's not very comfortable using social media - and improve her digital marketing skills.



MOWES (Moving Women Est.)


IG: mowestp

Website: MOWES

MOWES is a donation-based community space in Taipei run by three women: Maja Ho, Kai Hsieh, and Sheridan Harris. We are proud to have an ever growing, diverse community that attends our classes taught by international, multilingual instructors. Through learning new skills and empowering yourself, you empower others. With all the resources we have, we give back to Taiwan's community. We help women's shelters and NGOs that work to end gender-based violence.

They offer: Many types of classes, including Fitness, Chinese & English Learning, Art, Environmental Workshops, Educational Workshops, Parents & Kids Events.

They dream: Of bringing people together to share, connect, and move toward a more gender equal and compassionate world.

They need: Sponsors, investors, volunteers, and English to Mandarin Chinese translators.

Poetry Potlucks

FB: hsna arts


“I am a MedTech regulations specialist and an emerging artist (performance/visual). I think about rules and their origins, allowing my art practice to influence my regulatory work and my regulatory work to inform my art practice. My secret mission is to rewrite our imagination of Muslim women. 'Poetry Potlucks' is something I started back in Singapore with a friend, dragged to Vancouver and now Taipei. It’s an excuse to read/hear poetry (prose is welcome too). People come to listen or read words of their own or of others in English or any other languages. Mother tongues are highly encouraged. In between impulses to read poems/prose, there is casual chats and food. Please bring one homemade dish (or a healthy snack) if you can and your own tableware."

She offers: An opportunity to meet friends, share food, learn more about Asian poetry.

She dreams: We are all a space where we satiate our hunger for poetry.

She needs: An affordable space to hold jams, perform, eat food and read poetry.






"I started this thanks to a personal experience with my grandmother and her connection with our family. She always collected photos of us and wanted us to send her some new pictures when we were not living with her anymore. When she passed away two years ago, I realized even more how many photos she collected since the very beginning and was quite touched by what I found. Connecting generations is our main purpose with this project: We help strengthen bonds between family members by building communication tools tailored to their age range and preferred habits of looking at information. No matter the physical distance, we provide a monthly gift to a family member to share many subjects of the family life. This album is prepared with care and affection by the younger generation that shares its everyday life adventure with the people they love most."

She offers: An online service that fosters a bond & warmth within families in Taiwan by sharing photos and creating family albums.

She dreams: To see how many generational connections they can strengthen, by showing people the importance of sharing moments with your relatives.

She needs: To dedicate more time to go out and look for people who are willing to help them achieve their dream and make a more connected world.

Juanita Ingram

Website: eBooks

Juanita Ingram is an American licensed attorney, author, and actress currently living in Taipei, Taiwan (Xinyi District), and formerly residing in Ascot, England. She is a wife, mother of two, and is the Founder and CEO of Purpose Productions Inc. She created a multi-cultural children’s series - the Wonderfully Made Pals Presents - which is a series of books with a mission to introduce the word of God to kids. In 2019 Juanita released Fabulous, Faithful & Free: The Workbook. It’s an 8-week comprehensive guide to a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Her other workbook, Peace over Panic, offers tips to women and moms during the COVID-19 crisis.

She offers: Multi-cultural reading materials for children and adults.


Media & Marketing

Kai Hsieh


LinkedIn: Kai Hsieh

Kai is an American born Taiwanese from Washington, D.C. With a background in sociology and business marketing, Kai has worked with B2B and B2C businesses all over the world. In the last ten years, she’s championed businesses in the U.S., Italy, and Brazil. Currently, in Taiwan, she co-runs MOWES, a non-profit gender equality center located in Taipei. She also continues to consult businesses on social media marketing, content writing, and web design. Kai loves connecting with and supporting other women, making arts and crafts, reading, and talking about marketing strategies

She offers: Digital marketing and content writing for B2B and B2C businesses.

She dreams: Of connecting with more women in marketing and tech.

She needs: To find out more about passive income options as an expat.

PURPOSE Productions


PURPOSE Productions, a nonprofit film production company exists to produce films, documentaries, TV and other forms of media uniquely dedicated to the uncompromising empowerment of women. "We believe that we can create opportunities, with women and men, with dialogue and actions, that will change established systemic discriminatory paradigm that is ever present in media. Our goal is to create media by women, about women, but for everyone." Brittny "No.E" Williams is a creative with a degree in Entrepreneurship and a background in artist management. She works with the Founder of PURPOSE, Juanita, who grew up performing in local theater productions and has several IMBD credits as an actress, writer, and producer in the US, UK, and Hungary.

They offer: Film and television production, created and managed by 3 women, about women, for EVERYONE.

They dream: That through media they can change the systemic forms of oppression in our society today.

They need: To continue the good fight!



"My name is Irene, and I am an entrepreneur and filmmaker who runs her own company. Professionally, I'm a marketer, and I know that Taiwan needs better tools to market businesses. I am passionate about website building and filmmaking, and there wasn't an ideal job for me in Taiwan, so I registered a company, and hired myself. I haven't looked back ever since. I basically created my dream job and wake up every day to manifest the life I want to live. If anyone wants to grow their business, be it through website / app development or through video just send me a message."

She offers: Video production services for businesses around Taiwan - short, cinematic videos made in high quality help businesses gain visibility.

She dreams: To grow her video making business & publish the documentaries she's working on.

She needs: To overcome the barriers of bureaucracy in Taiwan.


Professional Services

Diana Watson

FB: The Speaking Seed

"I started this business because I love history, public speaking, training, Mandarin learning and all aspects of cultural immersion. I assist North American organizations who need cross-cultural communication support with Taiwanese businesses so they can obtain critical knowledge to drive profitable initiatives that also positively impact the local culture."

She offers: To help organizations in Taiwan that need assistance with understanding cultural differences and communicating with their North American counterparts. This drives more profitable and smooth outcomes.

She dreams: To have a large cross-cultural communication practice that enables both private and government organizations to work together with more ease, thus making political and economic ties between the United States and Taiwan more stable and stronger.

She needs: Time! And to develop more automated processes with digital marketing, while improving her use of technology.

Elephant Communications


FB: elephantcommunicationstw

LINE: micheeb

Elephant Communications Taiwan - 雙『像』溝通 - provides intercultural consulting services. It was born out of the hope that through greater intercultural awareness, we can understand each other better and therefore communicate more effectively as well as harmoniously. Across cultures – from Africa to Asia - elephants are known for their wisdom, sensitivity, power, intelligence and determination. "At Elephant Communications, I strive to embody those same characteristics in our intercultural trainings, assisting you to understand both your own and others’ cultural frameworks in order to improve your global communication skills."

She offers: Workshops, training courses and individual consultations.

She dreams: To take the best from both the East and the West and create an integrated, global social framework for communication founded on intercultural respect and cooperation.

She needs: To help the shift intercultural understanding. It's challenging because many of our perceptions and communication styles are ingrained and therefore unconscious.

Reach to Teach



Job Board: Taiwan Job Board

"I moved to Taiwan as a Reach To Teach teacher in 2006 and was involved with the company in an unofficial capacity until 2009. I joined their team as Global Director of Recruiting in 2009 and then became the owner of Reach To Teach Recruiting LTD in June 2012." Reach To Teach is a free ESL placement agency located in Taiwan with offices in the US and South Korea. We are one of the largest American ESL agencies in the business and our name is well known in the ESL industry as being a trusted and honest agency to work with. In Taiwan, Reach To Teach is partnered with Taipei public schools, public-private schools, international schools, and many private schools around the island. Unlike other agencies, especially in Taiwan, there are no hidden fees to working with Reach To Teach and we never take a percentage of your salary.

She offers: Jobs for qualified ESL teachers, Guidance & support when moving, Negotiation, Information & education, Fundraisers & other community events.

She dreams: To see schools change their contracts to abide by Taiwan's law and get things streamlined for teachers - this is a call to action for the government & within the community.

She needs: To keep living her dream holding up best practices & supporting teachers!

Maffie Linda A. Dioquino


IG: ms.emptybackpack

"My business focuses on bringing high quality, exclusive products from the Philippines to distributors all over Taiwan, especially in the Filipino market and vice versa. Right now, I’m an exclusive distributor of Central Affirmative and I'm distributing their perfumes all over Taiwan. My background is International Shipping & Logistics, I have worked for The Hershey Company before and my main job was to fulfill the orders of leading grocery chains like Wal-Mart, Costco and Candy Barrel. My dream is to strengthen B2B trade by connecting exporters & importers as well as buyers & suppliers worldwide."

She offers: Business consultation on import/ export process, Product sourcing & price negotiations, Other supply chain flux.

She dreams: To open a new trading company to provide complete import/export brokerage services and trade consultation services especially to small business owners.

She needs: To spend more time networking - she believes that a supportive community is the key to successful entrepreneurship.

Class Finder


Class Finder is a website and app that helps you find classes and workshops in Taiwan. Google Maps is user generated so the information in it is not always accurate, and the pictures and descriptions do not reflect the essence of their business. It also doesn't allow people to quickly browse and compare multiple places they want to go to because it's not a comparison tool. So this website / app allows people to browse and filter what they want (eg: Yoga in Taipei City), and they can quickly scroll through a list, click through options, tap on them and get more details, or just wander around and explore with the map function. "I basically built the websites I needed when I first moved here and still need from time to time!"

She offers: A website / app that showcases your class or workshop in Taiwan. Suitable for searchers and business owners who want to showcase their services.

She dreams: To grow her business and gain more visibility.

She needs: To deal with the ins-and-outs of bureaucracy in Taiwan!

PriyaLee Translation & Consulting



LinkedIn: PriyaTranslator

"I provide language services, such as interpretation between any combination of English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Sindhi, as well as event hosting and voice-over through my business, PriyaLee Translation & Consulting. I started my own translation company because I wanted to bridge the communication gap that existed between speakers and non-speakers of Mandarin here in Taiwan. My company's services then blossomed into other locations and different language combinations as well, such as Hindi, Sindhi and even German. As an interpreter, I strive to not only remove language barriers, but also help in intercultural understanding. When I host, I bring an international twist to every event. It’s so rewarding to hear positive feedback from satisfied clients and audiences."

She offers: All forms of language interpretation (e.g. simultaneous, consecutive, conference, remote, telephone, liaison, court, medical, etc.), Event hosting, Voice recording services.

She dreams: To finish her PhD in Interpretation, and then help to train the next generation of outstanding interpreters, while simultaneously bringing India and Taiwan closer together.

She needs: To better manage her time so she can do all the things that she want to achieve.

Flight Path Immigration


LINE: cassy601

Flight Path Immigration is a privately owned Canadian immigration consulting firm, located in Taiwan. Founded by Cassandra Leigh Brennan, a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R531447), Flight Path aims to assist its clients with any Canadian immigration and/or citizenship matters. Flight Path is conveniently located in the heart of Asia, giving all its potential clients peace of mind and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a trained and knowledgeable RCIC in the Asia region. As well as helping you navigate the immigration process, we also assist you with your settlement needs and continue to support you once you arrive in Canada and embark on your new journey.

She offers: To guide you through the immigration process and help you make your dream to be Canadian your reality.

She dreams: To help make other people's dreams come true; to be a part of this life-changing adventure has been a dream of hers from many years.

She needs: There are endless barriers to opening a business in Taiwan, especially in the area of law! But she is overcoming them daily.



Carrie Kellenberger



Carrie is an award-winning Canadian patient leader in Taiwan with over 12 years of patient advocacy work in Taiwan. She helps chronically ill patients in Asia realize they are not alone and assists them by sourcing medical assistance and information in English. "My goal is to work with health non profit organizations in Taiwan to fill the gap for English services for chronically ill patients in Asia and Taiwan. I provide patients with practical resources and tips that they can implement in their own health journeys." My Several Worlds focuses on Taiwan and Asia, but Carrie has worked with many non-profit health organizations in North America and the UK. Her health advocacy work and writing has been recognized by Healthline, WEGO Health, the Spondylitis Association of America, Fibromyalgia Support Network, Walk AS One, and many other global health organizations.

She offers: Direct coaching assistance for chronically ill patients, Cross-cultural & language support, My Several Worlds publishes patient journeys, as well.

She dreams: To ensure that everyone can find life-saving information that they need in English.

She needs: To find people who can assist her in opening more doors for diverse patients from all backgrounds. People open to collaborate are encouraged to reach out!

Juanita Ingram


Juanita Ingram is an American licensed attorney, author, and actress currently living in Taipei, Taiwan (Xinyi District), and formerly residing in Ascot, England. She is a wife, mother of two, and is the Founder and CEO of Purpose Productions Inc. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Tennessee State University and her MBA and Jurist Doctorate degree from the University of Memphis. She has over 18 years of experience in Tennessee as a licensed attorney and was recognized with the Attorney for Justice award by the Supreme Court in 2018 and 2019. Juanita uses her legal skills and philanthropic nature to raise awareness of the achievements of inspirational women, advocate for young women and girls, and deliver panels on female empowerment.

She offers: Advocacy and philanthropic services, Speaking / presentation skills, A wealth of knowledge on legal issues, career-training, and support for women in need.