Long-form Content

I'm a freelance travel writer that will do articles for many different niches. As an anthropologist I'll always find and flesh out the nuances of the topic. Delivering an engaging piece that pulls readers in and takes them on a journey is how they go down the path to purchase from your brand. 


"Once again Kaya has delivered an impeccable, beautifully written article, and has been a pleasure to work with. She is reliable, willing to ask questions to clarify the brief, and receptive to feedback. I look forward to working with her again soon!"

I was contracted to write this travel piece based on personal experiences and in-depth research of local knowledge. They were very happy with it and asked for another article about markets in France straight away.

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I wrote this as a passion project to help foreigners navigate the complexities of Taiwanese Bureaucracy. It received a lot of engagement and was picked up by local organizations such as All Hands Taiwan. It was originally posted on my professional blog.

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I knew next to nothing about crypto before this piece and it sparked a fire in me after 6+ hours of research and in-depth analysis of the market. I originally wrote this article (as a ghost writer) in 2020, but they updated the piece slightly to fit current trends.

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Viscovery needed an article that empathized with a common issue for retailers (their target) while showcasing the use cases and evidence to back up their AI-powered visual checkout solution.

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11th Fleet provides visa solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses in Taiwan. They urgently needed some literature on the available visas so I spent about 13 hours chasing government officials to get the information we needed for this piece. It was a journey.

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This is another article where I was a ghost writer and knew very little about the topic beforehand. I dove deep into the scientific literature and came up with this piece in about 4 hours. 

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